"Her clinical skills are among the best I have experienced. I highly recommend her as a therapist to any individual, couple, family, or group lucky enough to come across her, or organization fortunate enough to work with her." N.H.


"Danielle really helped me through a major transition in my life. I was entering my late 20's, changing careers, and in a really manipulative relationship. Danielle's objective point of view and keen ability to connect with me allowed me to work through many of my circumstantial issues. Our time together made me realize that I didn't need to be so hard on myself. As a patient of Danielle's I was able to understand and take control of my own feelings and anxiety. She empowered me to listen to my gut and trust my instincts. I truly enjoyed my time working with Danielle. She has a wonderful personality and that made it easy for me to talk and open up." M.R.


"With nurture, care and enthusiasm from Danielle, I was motivated to find my best self. She is loving, patient, kind and eager to help you find your specific goals and aspirations. With her help I am becoming the person I want to be and for that I am truly grateful!" J.L.


"Danielle is a highly extraordinary therapist. My son was faced with many issues. Danielle worked with him for over 6 years. Her work led to tremendously successful results for which I will be forever grateful. Danielle is highly intelligent and knowledgeable. She is intuitive and has an ease about her that allows her to connect with her patients. She is determined through her course of treatment to make a difference in the lives of her clients. She certainly achieved that with my son and our family." M.C.


"Danielle is an incredibly insightful clinician whose compassion and thoughtfulness transcends that of most colleagues. She brings with her a confluence of social work education, psychoanalytic training, mindfulness, and dance/movement therapy which enables her to see a fuller spectrum, offering clients a rich approach and an effective, empowering practice. Danielle is a warm and engaging clinician with tremendous regard to others and respect for their problems." Amy Brenner, LCSW, Director of Mental Health, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services, Los Angeles, CA


"Danielle worked with me before a presentation I was giving to a state-wide domestic violence coalition in California. She used a mind/body approach to help me feel grounded, present, and self-aware in such a way that I found to be both empowering and regulating.  Danielle's expertise is only outshined by her knowledge and compassion." Susan L. Hess, Trauma Informed Care Educational Consultant